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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing was introduced in Nov 2008, bringing about quantum leap improvements to the current procurement process. With this, there was no more risk of hardcopy documents being lost in transit. Human error in data entry was reduced and there were also manpower savings, raising productivity for all.

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What's Happening

  • AGD Team Building Day

    AGD Team Building Day

    6 Dec 2013 was an exciting day for all our officers as we let our hair down for the AGD Team Building Day.

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  • AGD Exchange 2013

    AGD Exchange 2013

    The AGD Exchange was held on 15 November 2013. It was a platform for AGD officers, including our accountants at the Ministries, to network and for professional developments.

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  • AGD Advance 2013

    AGD Advance 2013

    AGD Advance 2013 was held on 6 June 2013. The Advance was an opportunity for our officers to come together to generate ideas and chart the future directions of AGD.

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Outreach Highlights

  • NTU Corporate Visit and Networking session


    On 21 February 2013, we held a corporate visit and networking session for a group of NTU accountancy students, which aim to give the students a "first hand glimpse" into our work.

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  • Value-For-Money Reviews Lecture @ NUS


    On 31st October 2012, AGD held a guest lecture in NUS on the topic "Value-for-Money (VFM) Audits and Internal Audits at the Ministries", which provided students with first-hand perspectives of how government audits are carried out.

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  • University Networking Sessions


    Held at NTU and NUS, the networking sessions allowed opportunities for the students to interact with other officers and to know more about our work and the many career opportunities we offer.

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