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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing was introduced in Nov 2008, bringing about quantum leap improvements to the current procurement process. With this, there was no more risk of hardcopy documents being lost in transit. Human error in data entry was reduced and there were also manpower savings, raising productivity for all.

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What's Happening

"AGD is the central administrator of the government's financial and accounting systems. Keen to apply my computing knowledge and pick up some accounting skills, I joined AGD after graduation and am now with their Cash Management & Payments team.

While I may be handling internal customer queries, I am keenly aware that my work affects the public and the importance of doing it well.

I recall this query that I received from an agency about their payment processing to a vendor. The vendor was his family's breadwinner and prompt payment was very important to him. We quickly resolved the issue so that payment would not be delayed.

Outside of work, I am one true foodie and love to trawl through the web to discover cheap and good eats around the island!"

- Mr Tee Zi Jiang, Accountant-General's Department