Finance Associates Programme

The Finance Associates Programme is our flagship programme for new hires. The Programme allows our associates to systematically acquire strong foundations in key domain areas of finance, operations and policy formulation across the Whole-of-Government.

Fresh graduates joining AGD under the programme will undergo a 12-month developmental phase comprising an expanded induction programme and 2 to 3 rotational stints of 4 - 6 months each across different finance functions. This will allow them to build up their competencies and accelerate career development as well as to take on leadership responsibilities early in their career.

Journey of a Finance Associate over a 1-Year Finance Associates Programme


Expanded Induction Programme

The expanded induction programme comprises three modules - Basic, Foundational and Developmental – which the Finance Associates will undergo in their first year with AGD.  The different modules are specially tailored to equip our Associates with rudimentary concepts in Public Finance functions and to apply these concepts throughout their deployment stints.

The Basic module, conducted at the start of the programme, will provide the Finance Associates with a broad overview of AGD’s central roles such as cash management, financial reporting, assurance and Value-For-Money reviews and financial administration.

The Foundational module, conducted in between the deployment stints of the Associates, will focus on the applications of key foundational financial knowledge and skillsets as well as soft skills developments through case studies and hands-on exercises.

The Developmental module, conducted at the end of the 12month programme, will introduce the Associates to core personal and professional development areas through the sharing of best practices and chats with senior policy-makers and finance leaders.

Deployment Stints

The deployment stints of Associates will include attachments to AGD’s directorates to learn more about the central roles and functions fulfilled by AGD.  Some Associates may also be attached to the ministries to provide financial administration support.



To help the associates quickly familiarise with the working environment, we will assign a buddy to help provide support and answer any queries while settling into the new job.

At the same time, we will assign mentors to all of our Associates. Besides providing guidance on the professional development and career aspirations, the mentors will also help assess the performance and progress of associates.

Post Associates Programme

There will be 2-3 structured postings, within AGD and/or the ministries, in the first six to seven years to equip post associates with the necessary experiences and skill-sets through a spectrum of functions and areas that will prepare them to take on supervisory roles in the future.