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What Our People Say

  • “Being able to make a difference and help raise corporate governance in the public sector makes my work extremely exciting and fulfilling”

    Lee Mei Chern

    Director, Performance and Evaluation

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Lee Mei Chern is presently the Director, Performance and Evaluation Directorate.

  • Handled various portfolios such as Financial Reporting and Financial Systems Administration.
  • Reviews the public sector’s key programmes, systems and processes and provides recommendations that will strengthen internal controls, increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Takes the lead in growing the number of agencies tapping on AGD’s IA services and building a customer-focused culture within the IA teams. Client agencies have expressed high satisfaction with the services.
  • Goes through many training sessions and job rotations. Will be undergoing overseas executive leadership programme.
  • “AGD offers opportunities even for non-accountancy graduate to work in interesting assignments and build up the knowledge in accounting and finance ”

    Simon Chew

    Senior Manager, Financial Planning

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Simon Chew is a Chemical Engineer by training.

  • Joined the Accountant-General’s Department as an Analyst after graduating.
  • Managed cash management in the Treasury Directorate initially. Rotated to head the Salaries and Pensions Branch which ensured salaries and pensions were paid in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Sponsored for his Singapore Qualification Programme (SQP) given his preference for work relating to numbers and desire to pursue a career in accounting. As an Approved Training Organisation under ISCA, his work experience in AGD would be relevant in meeting the requirements of SQP.
  • Fulfilling his career aspiration in becoming a Chartered Accountant as he gets a posting to serve as a Head under the Assurance and Services group which allows him to provide assurance services to the agencies.
  • “As a central agency, we are involved in many Whole-of-Government projects and reviews. This helps widen my perspective and think broader”

    Lye Su Yin

    Deputy Director, SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit

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Lye Su Yin majored in Business and Management.

  • Joined AGD in 2010, after graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Business and Management (Economics and Finance), Summa Cum Laude.
  • Deployed to the Treasury Directorate whereby she helped to put in policies for optimal liquidity management. She worked with MOF to monitor the performance and risks related to the Government’s assets and liabilities.
  • Sponsored for an overseas postgraduate scholarship to read Master of Science in Accountancy and Finance in the University of Bath, UK, to equip her with the necessary accounting knowledge. Concurrently assumed the appointment of Assistant Director (Financial Assets & Liabilities/Reserves and Investments Reporting).
  • Provided opportunities to be seconded to MAS to deepen her technical expertise in Treasury work.
  • Building her strengths in performing policy reviews in future deployments.
  • “The roles that I have been given require me to build up my expertise beyond my accounting knowledge. It challenges me to think out of the box”

    Huang SiHong

    Deputy Director, Business Excellence & Innovation

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Huang Sihong is an Accounting graduate.

  • Joined AGD in 2014, under the Financial & Management Reporting Directorate.
  • Involved in Fi@Gov -a business intelligence project to support management decision making and financial analysis.
  • Given ample opportunities to develop himself as a young officer, from presentations to senior management, to cross-directorate initiatives.
  • Treasured the opportunity to work with colleagues from the Value for Money branch to conceptualize preliminary ideas on how the government could measure the success of Skillsfuture in time to come.
  • What stood out for him was not just the exposure and learning opportunities. It’s also the people and the nurturing culture that we have here at AGD.