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A Career @ AGD

A career in AGD fosters the necessary experiences and skillsets through a spectrum of functions and areas to prepare Finance Associates to take on supervisory roles that will rise to C-suite positions in the future. The vast range of functions include examining financial issues at One Public Service level, forecasting and monitoring Government's treasury and investment position, raising corporate governance in the Public Sector, and ensuring the integrity of Government Accounting systems.

Financial Reporting
  • Prepare the Government Financial Statements
  • Involve in setting accounting standards, policies and practices for compliance by Ministries and Statutory Boards

Ministries Finance
  • Prepare the budget, evaluate development projects and run financial operations
Financial Operations
  • Manage the Government’s cash, receipts and payments to our key stakeholders vendors, employees and pensioners
  • Develop and manage civil service wide financial, accounting and payroll systems and formulate security policies and control to ensure integrity of the systems 
Assurance and Reviews
  • Raise corporate governance in the Public Sector by providing assurance services to the public agencies
  • Conduct reviews to ensure public funds are spent prudently
  • Monitor the performance of Government’s investment, manage the costs and risks of Government’s borrowings and put in place policies for efficient debt management.

Developing Our Human Capital

At AGD, we believe that human capital is vital to our progress. By constantly updating our HR policies to keep in tandem with the evolving needs of our employees, we make sure that our greatest assets are well placed to enjoy a lasting career with us.