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Staff Benefits

As a people-oriented organisation, we constantly review our HR policies and introduce new initiatives to engage and ensure that our employees' and their families' needs and well-being are looked after.

Leave schemes comprising various types of leave to support family and work-life harmony such as:

  • Vacation Leave;
  • Volunteer Leave;
  • Marriage Leave;
  • Hospitalisation / Medical Leave;
  • Maternity / Paternity Leave;
  • Child-Care / Parent-Care Leave;
  • Compassionate Leave; and
  • Study Leave

Medical benefits comprising co-payment for Dental and Medical Bills to support health and well-being of staff such as:

  • Medical Subsidies; and
  • Dental Subsidies

Group and Individual Oriented Activities to engage staff such as:

  • AGD Learning Day for All Officers (All-Day);
  • Annual Dinner and Dance;
  • AGD Work-plan Retreat;
  • Team Bonding;
  • Active Day; and
  • Excursions/ Outings;

Training and development opportunities and various training sponsorships to build professional capabilities such as:

  • Work-Related Courses;
  • Self-Development Courses;
  • Continuous Learning/ Professional Development;
  • Sponsorships; and
  • Scholarships.