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Who are we?
The Accountant-General’s Department (AGD) is a department under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) that works closely with multiple agencies to make Singapore a better place through Finance.
What services does AGD provide?
AGD offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services that helps transform public sector finance, from strengthening our role as steward of public finance, providing value-adding financial systems to developing public sector financial capabilities.

Career with AGD

How do I apply for a job in AGD?
Applications for AGD’s job openings can be done through Careers@Gov.
I am keen to undergo an internship at AGD, how do I apply?
Drop HR an email at AGD_HR@agd.gov.sg and we will get in touch with you.
Would there be training provided if I join AGD as a fresh graduate?
Fresh graduates, as well as new hires with less than 3 years of working experience, will undergo our 1-year AGD Associates Programme. Officers will not only attend 3 phases of trainings but also take part in different team bonding activities. More information can be found here.
Will the experience in AGD be recognised for ISCA membership and/or Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification?
AGD is an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and the working experience at AGD is recognised as relevant experience for gaining admission to ISCA and/or to become a Chartered Accountant under ISCA.

Pensioners and Vendors

How can I apply for my electronic Civil Service card (e-CS card)?
Pensioners and dependants can produce their e-CS cards at Government, Restructured or Community Hospitals, Polyclinics and MBS@Gov clinics, to enjoy the benefits of not having to pay for their treatment upfront. To apply for the e-CS card, pensioners can login to PaC@Gov mobile app using SingPass and submit a request for e-CS card. Pensioners will be required to indicate their preferred email in the request to receive the e-CS card.
From my bank statement, I noticed that there is a deduction from my monthly pensions and would like to understand the reasons for it. How can I view the breakdown of my monthly pensions?
Depending on your medical scheme, you may have deductions for the co-payment share of your medical bills. Pensioners can refer to their Statement of Account for the breakdown of their monthly pensions. The Statement of Account can be retrieved from Pensioner Portal or PaC@Gov mobile app after payday at the end of the month. For more information on your pension and medical benefits, you may also refer to the Pensioner’s Handbook, which can be downloaded from Pensioner Portal.
As a pensioner, do I need to pay for consultation fees when I visit a specialist outpatient clinic?
If you are under the Fixed Amount on Ward Charges (FAW) or Co-Payment on Ward Charges (CPW) scheme, we will not subsidise your first consultation at a specialist outpatient clinic if you or your dependants:
  • have no referral letter
  • were referred by a private doctor
  • asked to see a specified consultant; or
  • were referred to a named consultant
If you are under the Comprehensive Co-Payment Scheme (CCS) or Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient Scheme (MSO), we will not subsidise your first consultation at a specialist outpatient clinic if you or your dependants do not have a referral letter.
Where can I get more information on Vendors@Gov?
You can head to www.vendors.gov.sg. Alternatively, you can find out more at the Vendors@Gov FAQ page.
I would like to enrol my clinic on MBS@Gov. Where can I get information on MBS@Gov?
You can register your clinic at the MBS@Gov portal. Alternatively, you can find out more at the MBS@Gov FAQ page.