Provider of Financial Services

Providing Integrated Government Accounting Systems

We equip Ministries with an integrated set of systems, policies, procedures, and advisory services for financial administration and accounting. We also develop and manage civil service-wide financial, accounting, and payroll systems. This function involves formulating security policies and controls to ensure the integrity of these systems.

Managing Government Funds and Cash Flow

We manage the Government’s cash, receipts, and payments to vendors, employees, and pensioners and ensure that the payments are efficiently processed.

Providing Value-adding Financial Services Through Demand Aggregation

We support the financial functions of the Ministries by deploying our officers and supply strategic inputs to Senior Management.

We provide internal audit services to Government agencies in order to strengthen controls, systems, and processes. In this way, the Assurance team can build up communities of practice and share best internal audit practices. The team taps on analytics to strengthen risk management and controls in the Public Sector. Demand aggregation allows Statutory Boards to enjoy lower management fees and leads to manpower savings, as the procurement of fund management services is centrally coordinated by AGD.

Leveraging Technology to Build New Financial Capabilities

We leverage technological improvements to enhance the functionalities of our financial systems to better integrate with other central systems. We make use of mobile applications and optical character recognition to improve service delivery to users and enable them to initiate transactions through their mobile devices. Vendors, for example, will be able to submit their invoices and check the status of the payments through their handphones.