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Steward of Public Sector Finances

Preparing and Analysing Government Financial Statements

We prepare the Government Financial Statements for auditing and presentation to the Parliament by the Minister for Finance. We also make use of analytics to help evaluate financial information that can guide Government agencies in making better decisions.

Formulating Accounting, Financial, and Reserves Policies

We formulate, review and advise on financial, accounting and reserves-related policies and principles.

Setting Accounting Standards, Policies, and Practices

We set accounting standards, policies, and practices for compliance by Ministries and Statutory Boards.

Protecting the Reserves

The Accountant-General reports on the reserves position to the President and informs the President of any proposed transaction that is likely to draw on past reserves.

Monitoring Financial Returns from Government Assets

We monitor the financial returns from the Government’s financial investments and Land and Buildings portfolio.

Monitoring Government Borrowings

We monitor the Government’s borrowings through the Singapore Government Securities (SGS) and Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS). We are expanding our role in debt management.

Ensuring High Standards of Governance

We establish and maintain high standards of governance in the Public Sector by designing and implementing stringent policies and controls in our financial and accounting systems. We also provide auditing and assurance services to Government agencies.

Conducting Value-for-Money Reviews

We conduct value-for-money reviews to assess whether public programmes meet the intended policy objectives economically, effectively and efficiently.