Organisation Structure

AGD is headed by the Accountant-General and comprises the various directorate groups.

Assurance Group

This group oversees the IA Shared Services Directorate and the Centre of Excellence – Assurance & Public Finance. The IA Shared Services Directorate plays an instrumental role in enhancing AGD’s provision of internal audits and financial services for the ministries while the Centre of Excellence drives key initiatives to reinforce the sectoral capabilities of AGD officers at our headquarters as well as our seconded officers within the ministries

This group strengthens our role as the central financial services provider and increases the demand aggregation of our services while investing in our personnel.

Financial Reporting and Operations Group

This group oversees the central finance operations within 3 directorates – the Financial Accounting and Reporting Directorate, the Financial Operations Directorate and the Technology Directorate.

The Financial Accounting and Reporting Directorate prepares the Government Financial Statements and designs and implements policies and controls for the Government’s financial and accounting systems. The Financial Operations Directorate manages the Government’s cash, receipts and payments to suppliers, employees and pensioners. The Technology Directorate develops AGD’s IT strategy, policies, standards and procedures. It also plays a key role in system infrastructure and security administration, as well as system maintenance and enhancements.

This setup helps to optimise resources as well as provides the strategic focus and pushes for seamless collaboration across the different Directorates to improve service delivery.

Finance Transformation Group

This group oversees the Finance Transformation Directorate and the Projects Directorate aimed at transforming public sector finance through a multi-pronged approach by integrating systems and streamlining processes. The group plays a key role in re-engineering current finance systems and processes as well as launches finance growth areas/initiatives. It also supervises major central system projects such as the revamp of PaC@Gov and development of mobile applications.

Treasury, Technical and Analytics Group

This group oversees the Treasury Directorate, Technical Directorate and the Business Analytics Directorate. The Treasury Directorate supports the MOF in the effective management of the Government’s balance sheet and monitors the performance and risk of Government’s assets. The Technical Directorate is involved in setting accounting standards, policies and practices for compliance by Ministries and Statutory Boards. The Business Analytics Directorate spearheads the development and administration of business intelligence systems and data analytics projects.

This setup aims to strengthen financial stewardship and resource optimisation through harnessing analytics.

People and Organisation Group

This group oversees the Finance and Corporate Development Directorate as well as the Finance Academy. The Finance and Corporate Development Directorate oversees the corporate requirements of AGD in the areas of finance, human resource, corporate communication and services as well as organisational development. The Finance Academy, previously known as AGD Academy, has been established as a training arm of AGD to help manage the professional development of AGD’s officers, level up the public finance capabilities and build a stronger finance community within the Public Service

Organisation Chart